Sabotaged processes!
Shocking risk-dumping!
Staggering variability!

One third of UK construction projects start without a contract. Disputes are stoked by contract errors or lack of understanding and usability. Construction legal spend is double the norm.

It doesn’t have to be like this… we can make it simpler.

Designed for people in the building sector, this series gives you the low-down on writing and using simple contracts.

Letters of Intent
in Just 500 Words

Your guide to writing a simple and effective letter of intent as just a temporary fix, to avoid it becoming the only contract for your project. Helping you use letters of intent wisely and sparingly.

“Once I had read Sarah's practical guide... I began to shed my shivers, warming to this hitherto famous area for disputes.”

Consultant Appointments
in Just 500 Words

Your guide to writing a simple and effective consultant appointment that explains how your services will meet your client’s needs and gets them to say ‘yes’ quicker.

“If I had had this brilliant and compact book by Sarah Fox fifteen years ago, it would have saved my firm hundreds of hours of agony and procrastination. Appointments don't have to be complex after all.”

Collateral Warranties
in Just 500 Words

Your guide to writing a simple and effective collateral warranty that does not extend your liability while protecting the beneficiary. You may even wonder why they are must-have accessories!

“A little gem of a book which demystifies and simplifies the world of collateral warranties... Great for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.”

Small Works Contracts
in Just 500 Words

Your guide to writing a simple and effective small works contract that safeguards your interests without annoying your clients. Keep clients happy by adding to the bare minimum.

“It's not often I would read a contracts book from cover to cover, but this is eminently readable, yet comprehensive and thorough. Sarah knows how to build trust and takes you step by step through what you should (and shouldn't) include.”

Subcontract Agreements
in Just 500 Words

Your essential guide to writing and using subcontract agreements that defines the works and quality standards; reflects the main contract; and records the content you need.

“This book... describes a new approach that is, for many, in reach, grounded in common sense and built on practical recommendations... [It] is a beacon of hope.”

Sarah Fox is a recovering construction lawyer with more than 25 years’ experience. Based on her deep expertise in the UK construction sector, she wrote 5 books to empower your team and create confidence with contracting.

She works globally with teams across different sectors who want clear contract processes and simple contract content.

She is a keynote speaker and available to inspire your people to keep contracting simple.

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