Discover how easy it is to write a simple temporary letter of intent... and it's super-quick because it is just 500 words!

Your guide to writing a letter of intent that is:

In just a few pages, you’ll learn the critical content your letter of intent needs.  You will learn how to use it as just a temporary fix and avoid it becoming the only contract for your project. You can use letters of intent, but wisely and sparingly.

This book has the content you need to quickly create something specific to your project. Once the pressure is off, you may also need:


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Letter of intent outline

If you want to see how to put the tips from the book into practice, download our letter of intent outline.

“This is a really well written and extremely helpful book for any company that needs to write letters of intent. I will definitely be applying these principles to the next LOI I draft or review to save my company from the pitfalls Sarah highlights."
Justine Brazil, formerly General Counsel, Willmott Dixon PLC

Sarah Fox is a construction lawyer with 25 years’ experience

She’s read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent and T&Cs

She works with anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts)

She loves creating simple contracts to help you do business
That’s why she founded 500 Words

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