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Do your contracts embarrass, frustrate or confuse you?

You could do nothing, cobble together some clauses off the internet, or use a contract template.

But imagine how many headaches you could save or disputes you could avoid if your contracts were intuitive to fill in, quick to agree and easy to use.

The Dotted Line will help you take the first step and show you:

The Dotted Line will provide an A to Z of simple effective contracts so you can write your own, amend other people’s and move towards a smoother contracting process. Of course, if you have money to invest, then you could be using bespoke contracts that safeguard your business in the next 28 days, possibly before the next edition of The Dotted Line.

Sarah Fox is a construction lawyer with over 20 years’ experience. She’s read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent and T&Cs.

She works with anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts).

She loves simplicity
She loves creating contracts to help you do business
Hence, she founded

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