Discover how easy it is to write collateral warranties in just 500 words, that really do work!

Your guide to writing a collateral warranty that:

In just a few pages, your views on the content necessary for a warranty will be hugely challenged. You may even begin to wonder why they are must-have accessories on construction projects.

This book has the content you need to create a simple warranty that suits your role, your beneficiary and your project. You may also want:


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Sample warranty

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“A little gem of a book which demystifies and simplifies the world of collateral warranties in a way which both informs and challenges the traditional 'we've always done it this way' thinking. Great for lawyers and non-lawyers alike."
Russell Deards, General Counsel, Formerly of Henry Boot plc

Sarah Fox is a construction lawyer with 25 years’ experience

She’s read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent and T&Cs

She works with anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts)

She loves creating simple contracts to help you do business
That’s why she founded 500 Words

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